4-Way Entry Wooden Pallets

4-way entry wooden pallets are the most popular wooden pallets mainly due to handling flexibility it offers over 2-Way Entry Wooden Pallets. They are reusable and are cost effective.

A 4-Way Wooden Pallet typically has top slats, bottom slats, stringer boards and blocks.

4-Way Pallets can have partial entry points or fully 4-way entry points. A pallet with partial entry points can be entered in 2-ways by a jack whereas a forklift can access all 4 entry points. Both forklift and jack can access all 4 entry points of a full 4-Way Wooden Pallet.

Unique Features:

  • Sturdy to various conditions (including weather and handling methods)
  • Lasts long
  • Transportation friendly
  • Withstands weights of higher capacities

Industrial Usage: F&B companies and Ceramic companies

Other Details:

  • Wood source: Hardwood like Rubber, Neem and Jungle
  • Dimensions: Custom made
  • Minimum order: 500 pallets
  • Lead time: 1 – 2 days
Top Slat
Overall Height
Bottom Slat
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